The Winter Court

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Drama, drama, drama. What would you do if you fell for the wrong brother?
Icelynn and Sinjinn’s book is fantastic. Fun, action packed and intriguing. Icelynn is a kickass heroine, props to Hutchins. And Sinjinn finally gets his moment to shine. The Winter Court is a next chapter in the Elite guards series and is just as much or not more spectacular then the previous books. If you are not already a fan of Amelia Hutchins then be sure to not start with this book. Please start at the beginning with the Fae Chronicles or you will not fully appreciate the full brilliance of this world.
This book is a wonderful addition to the series and I definitely recommend you add it to your TBR list.


The Savior

Check out this book on Goodreads: The Savior Vampires, lessers and shadows on my! I love me some Black Daager Brotherhood! J.R.Ward rocks out, once again. The mysterious Murdher is our brother of the hour and I love his and Sarah’s storyline.
Murdher and Sarah are the main the focus but, as we all know, you get to all your favorite characters back.
Of course, you will have to buy the book to see what the gang is up to now. So stop wasting time and do just that because this is all your getting from me. It’s the Black Dagger Brotherhood! I don’t think I need to illuminate any more for you. That should say it all.

The Skull King

Check out this book on Goodreads: The Skull King The cover art is what drew me to this book. Yes I judged a book by its cover!
Our characters, Cassini and Belto, are quite an interesting pair but theres not much to the book. The beginning starts off great but then plateaus. It’s pretty much a wham bam thank you ma’am storyline that ends with a cliffhanger. Theres potential and I’m hoping Sky brings her A game in the next installment.

The Mister

Check out this book on Goodreads: The Mister I have mixed emotions about this book. The storyline was definitely a change of pace from what we are you used to reading by E. L. James and it was quite interesting. Although the dialogue, sometimes, had me a little frustrated. Maxim and Alessia are wonderful characters and I enjoyed the slowed build up throughout the book but due to Alessia’s lack of understanding the full English vocabulary and the differences between cultures she almost comes across as unintelligent or childishly naive, in some cases. She is not but that’s how it sometimes seems and, due to this, the book just doesn’t flow as smoothly, for me. I definitely recommend it for all James’ fans because it’s still a a great read, though.

Fighting the Blaze

Check out this book on Goodreads: Fighting the Blaze

” PRICE CHECK! ” Avery I laughed so hard while reading this I nearly peed myself!

Sorry readers I could not start this review without dropping Avery that line. You may not get it, right now, but you will…WHEN YOU BUY THE BOOK!
I received this book as an ARC and in exchange I’m going tell you how incredible this storyline is. Before I proceed, if you have not read the previous books STOP WHERE YOU ARE AND DO NOT PASS GO! Read the previous 4 books then you may come back here read about Fighting the Blaze.
Avery has had me hooked from the beginning. I have laughed, almost cried and I have gotten quite embarrassingly turned on, while I was at my mother-n-laws. Eek! I have learned my lesson, thank you very much.
Fighting the Blaze takes us in a slightly different direction than the predecessors. Dont worry you still get glimpses of our favorites, Tori and Scott, but Blaze and Brandie are center stage this round. Their story is one of a kind and I’m not just saying that. The push and pull between the two keeps you on your toes throughout the book and when you think you have a good grasp on what’s about to happen Avery pulls the rug out from under your feet. Your heart will ache and you will want to curl up on the couch, along with our characters, and drink with them. Brace yourselves for, jaw dropping, surprises. This book is wild and carefree and will make you want to sing “blaze of glory” at the top of your lungs. Well you will want to sing or watch the wizard of oz.
Buy the book, buy the previous books. Point blank go spend some money and this to your collection. It earned a spot on my favorites list.